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Welcome to the Wikiversity Gene project.


Participants in this project explore genes, or specific isoforms.

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A search on the full web or at Wikibooks will provide you with quite a variety of texts on genes.


  • Go to Genes. Enter a number from 1 to 100,534,000, sometimes followed by [uid], and a common name for your organism of interest, e.g., "human", without the quotes if one word or with the quotes, e.g., "Eastern chipmunk", if two or more. If the number you've chosen does not contain a gene for your organism, try entering only the common name for the organism. Some genes have multiple isoforms coming from the same gene locus. Pick one or all, as you wish.
  • Feel free to compose an activity! Be bold!


At the bottom of this project resource is a template entitled {{gene project}}, which contains lectures, articles, activities, quizzes and other readings.

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  1. The transcription mechanism for A1BG can be found.

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